All about Purpose

   Drive and Direction

It's one thing to be empowered, to enjoy healthy energy -- to have the money to buy whatever we want and have the strength to run the distance. It's quite another thing to have a set of goals that are worth living for.

A sports car with a muscular engine and sleek lines is useless without a steering wheel. Similarly, all the health and wealth in the world is no good without a worthwhile cause in which to invest it.

However, to have a steering wheel without having a car is something else. For, the clearer our mission, the easier we will find the necessary money and energy to reach our goals; the better we envision our ideals, the nearer we come to converting them into our reality.

    A Target in Space

If you shoot a target in space, you must shoot straight. The smallest inaccuracy creates the largest of gaps. This is true for self-growth as well.

Now, if we are very close to our goals we can afford to aim casually -- from close our goals are bigger and easier to reach. However, when we aim for a goal that is far away, we need to aim, and keep aiming. As long as we move positively, we must keep our eye on the target. Moreover, it is just this focus that powers our success.

     Hang on

Our goals make us beautiful. They give us energy.

A trawler would not drop a net into the ocean if didn't expect to catch fish. Similarly, the upper worlds do not drop a line into our hearts without hoping to catch our life spirit. When they succeed, we benefit as well. Through this connection, every aspect of our lives is elevated.

We need to enter that net, to take a hold of that line, and our goals help us to do so. By putting our minds to our deepest heart-wishes, we hang onto this line, and allow it to pull us upwards.

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