An Exact Science

Avraham Tzvi Schwartz
The more we pray and the better we pray, the closer we come to reaching our desires.

(1) The more we pray: Hashem is right next to us. He can turn over the world in a second. Even so, His help filters into our reality through a process. Continuous, untiring prayer -- still said with enthusiasm and clarity -- eventually brings wondrous benefit into the world.

Just, we must keep asking, not losing hope or settling for a lesser substitute. For to lessen our intensity, or accept that "fill-in", is effectively, to stop praying.

(2) The better we pray: There is an art to effective praying. It lies in our attitude. We must never feel Hashem "owes" us something. We must never think, "Now I deserve it; I asked so nicely".

On the other hand, we must believe and trust that He can and will give us our every desire. A fine line distinguishes between the right attitude and the wrong one. To see this line, to avoid crossing it, we must lower ourselves; we must be very humble before the most powerful of all powers. We must try, in some way, to appreciate what Hashem is, and what a privilege we enjoy in speaking to Him.

In this way, we open heavenly gates to all types of blessing and goodness.


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