Affirmations, hands on!

Avraham Tzvi Schwartz

Here are examples of affirmations, practical exercise, to improve attitude and self-esteem. 


As far as I go, I can always go further. As high as I reach, I can always reach higher. As I walk towards the horizon, new views open before me. For when a person reaches for greatness, only Hashem is the limit; and Hashem has no limits.

Glorious horizons glisten; awesome mountains call me; fabulous feats invite me. They are mine, my potential. I work at them now! I work for them now!

Wondrous success awaits me, a paradise of glory. Therefore, I put my shoulder to the boulder;[1] I roll up my sleeves and get to work. I pay attention to the task at hand, to the gold just beyond my reach. I concentrate on doing a good job. I focus on reaching my every dream.


I grasp happiness; I take pleasure in all I have. I see the gifts Hashem gives me, the wealth He pours into my life. I think of the food I eat, the bed I sleep in, the family and friends that surround me. I look to the challenge my everyday provides me, the chance Hashem gives me to grow, to glow. I realize how rich I am, and how poor I would be without these benefits. Then I thank Hashem for His kindness, for his care. I rejoice in my reality.

The best happiness is the happiness that sneaks in unawares. It is the happiness that comes as I focus on doing my duty. It is the joy I enjoy as I feed my family or fulfill some other duty. It is the pleasure that pours through me as I pray with my heart, as I toil over my studies, as I think with intent.

I focus on my projects, and I live them. I work towards my goals, my dreams, and I enter a world of movement, a world that hums, a world that sings and dances. I live my life fully, and I enter a world of joy.


I rejoice all my life. There is so much good in it. Every moment is a gain. A gulp of air excites me. I drink it in like wine. Every view is a masterpiece. It overflows with intricate detail, with endless glory. Every sound is a symphony. Every person is a friend. Every meal is a feast.

I focus on my thoughts – words of Torah, memories, hopes and dreams. Here are old, familiar ideas; these are my friends. Then, as I dwell on these ideas, as I turn them over, they show me new angles, new faces. I probe deeper, I concentrate, and they sparkle. They begin to sing. They are so lively, so lovely. They are a source of celebration.


I love my life. Even when things dont go as I wish them to, I love it. I know that all this is for my benefit. It is all for my good.

I love the world I live in. I look at its glory, its elegance, its charm. I walk its roads. I embrace its space. I breathe its richness. I feel the wind. I taste the rain. I reach for its skies.

When I am too warm or too cold, I make the best of the situation. I enjoy its discomfort. I recognize how the warmth heals me. I feel how the cold revives me. I accept it. I appreciate it.

I look at other people. I focus on their many good features. I seek out their beauty, their brilliance, their greatness. Being with other people pleases me. I love them.

I love my friends. They support me in so many ways. They add so much to my life. How poor I am without them. I owe them great heaps of gold and silver. I owe them so much. This is why I encourage and help them. I lift them in any way I can.

I love my family. I love the things we share, the affection we must feel. I am with these special people that I may learn from them and through them. I encourage and help them in any way I can.

The people in my life teach me many things – how to give, how to take, how to share. They do not always act or speak as they should, but this too is good. For they show me how to accept their differences. They help me to respect them. Such respect draws me still closer to them.

I love myself. I love my unique qualities, my special strengths. I appreciate my abilities. I respect my talents. Daily, Hashem gives me new realms to conquer. He adds to my influence. He extends my duties. I feel privileged that Hashem entrusts me with such wealth.

I focus on my strengths. I cultivate them. I serve Hashem with all He gives me. My attitude brings me new and exciting opportunities. I love the challenges this brings.

I love Hashem. All I have, my world, my family, my friends, my self, is from Him. All I enjoy is His. It is all His gift. I remember this, and I love Him.


[1] Based on Yissachers blessing, Breishis 49.15

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