Stay Happy

Avraham Tzvi Schwartz

You don’t need much time, or even roses, to smell the roses. There must be something within arm’s reach, something near for you to enjoy, to appreciate. If not a material object, then an idea, a concept. Look at it. Focus on it. Make yourself a moment of happiness. Such an attitude, then, lights up not only this moment, but other moments as well.

We need to create a mind-set where our happiness doesn’t depend on any happening, person or object. Whether the sky shines or rains, whether others are nice or nasty, whether we get the job or lose it – we stay happy.

Can we be happy when “everything goes wrong”? We need to look not to what is – but rather, to what is right. We have to focus on the positive. We have to paint our faces with a smile. Then, as we do what we can, the world will follow our bright, sunny example, and do the rest.

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