Life is a Game

Avraham Tzvi Schwartz

Amongst the many things we need to know, is that Life is a game.

Life is a game. We join it at one point. We must leave it at another.

Life is a game. The better we play it, the more pleasure we have.

Life is a game. The clearer we understand the rules, the harder we can play. Many of these rules are straightforward and simple. Others, however, are subtle. They require skill, training, practice.

Life is a game. We need to play exactly the situation that the Dealer deals us. Life is a game. Still, it’s not a simple sport. Every second contains a new angle, a different theme. Therefore, we must stay focused. We must concentrate. We must think. We must invent. We must create.

Life is a game. Even when we lose, we play on. Moreover, we can make up our losses on the next round. Life is a game. The same rules apply to everyone. They are fair. Still, it pays to be friendly with the Dealer – for He guides us and helps us.

Life is a game. As such, we must strive to enjoy it – as much as we can.


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