Avraham Tzvi Schwartz

Our goals give us:

  • A reason for living – for striving, for hoping, for doing.
  • An excitement for life – we anticipate the pleasure of reaching our goals, and this stirs us to try harder, with more enthusiasm, anticipation and joy.
  • A certain security – they are the home we aim to reach, the home where we may lie down, put up our feet and relax.

Still, do we need goals? Surely, Hashem can give us – within an eye’s blink – all we need? Surely, within His greatness – His power and wealth – lies every pleasure and satisfaction? Why, then, does He not simply supply us our desires?

Hashem wants us to strive for our goals, for our pleasures – to push for them, pray for them, hope for them. For, He knows – as we know – that in pushing and striving for our goals, we live happy, energized lives. And this is the gift He wants us to have.


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