JUST 5 MINUTES - by Rabbi Avigdor Miller, of blessed memory

Rav Avigdor Miller, zt"l, gave us these 10 powerful exercises. With just 5 minutes each day, we can propel ourselves to a special fullness and fitness of character.

1. Spend 30 seconds thinking about the next world.

2. Say once, "I love You, Hashem."

3. Do an act of kindness in a hidden way.

4. The Divine Presence "raises the lowly".[1] Follow this example, and say encouraging words to someone.

5. Spend a minute assessing how well you did yesterday ["cheshbon hanefesh"].

6. Say once, during a meal, "Do all you do for sake of the heavens."[2]

7. Look into someone else's face, and think, "I am looking at Hashem's own image."

8. The Divine Presence "shines His face at us".[3] Give someone else a big smile.

9. As you say the blessing "He clothes the naked", think of the special pleasure you get from clothing.

10. Sit on the floor for one minute and think about the destruction of the Temple.


[1] Birkas Kriyas Shema

[2] Pirkei Avos 2.12

[3] BaMidbar 6.25

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