“A LIVING ‘MISHNAS RAV AHARON’,” written by a senior Kollel fellow of Lakewood New Jersey's famed Bais Medrash Govoha Institute and a student of its Roshei Yeshiva zt'l, is at once a study and a biography. It is a study of the teachings of the great, saintly Rosh Yeshiva and pre-eminent Torah leader of his generation Maran Rav Aharon Kotler zt'l (hereafter referred to as "The Rosh Yeshiva") as found in his writings (“Mishnas Rav Aharon”), as transmitted by students and as demonstrated by his personal life. It is replete with anecdotes and biographical information to demonstrate how he lived as he taught.

The selection presented here, in addition to the above, also contains material on the Rosh Yeshiva’s esteemed wife Rebbitzin Rivka Chana Perel, and his son and successor Maran Rav Schneur zichronom Livrochoh. The focus of this selection, culled from a forthcoming larger work as yet in the making, is primarily on living with Torah ideals and the pursuit of harmony and friendship -"Sholom"- on the communal and personal level.

We trust that the glimpse afforded here into the beautiful, inspiring inner-world of these great people will give the readers a renewed appreciation of the Torah of Hashem Yisborach itself, which was the wellspring of their greatness and of the success they achieved in their respective roles in life. We also trust that the readers will find herein ideas and attitudes that will be of great practical value in their personal lives.