. . . Torah - the wellspring of greatness.


CHAPTER 1: Developing Torah Values

. . . his love of Torah and Mitzvos/Prishus-negating materialism/what is maturity?/. . . thinking and talking "in learning"/to not let others wait (for a glimpse of the Rosh Yeshiva's exacting standards of "Kovod Habrios", see Mishnas R.A. vol. 3 Y'Mei Sfiroh, Sichoh 2, Par #3)/his generosity/awareness of life's purpose/Mishnas R.A.-three levels of "Histapkus"


CHAPTER 2: The Rebbetzin

The Jewish home: Sanctity without splendor/ to utilize the "velteleh" for Torah, Avodah, Chessed/ a pity to waste time/" Ain Tov Eloh Torah"/fear of wealth/learned on her "ocean"/her spiritual attainments/respect for Lomdei Torah/Eizer K'negdo and Eishes Chaver par excellence/Mishnas Rav Aharon: Da Elokei Ovichoh-a Torah outlook


CHAPTER 3: Father and son, Rav and Talmid - On Rav Schneur Kotler

Rav Schneur-Daas Elokim/greatness in Torah/a heavenly sign/to plant and to nurture/deriving satisfaction from a world of Kedusha/abhorrence of pettiness


CHAPTER 4:The Battle for "Sholom"

Concern and sensitivity/Rav Pam on Kedusha of Korbon, Kedusha of Bedek Habayis and on removing one's son from Yeshiva with an eye to his supporting Torah (regarding "Hu Lilmod U'bno Lilmod" see Kidushin 29b)/ Rebbe and inspiration/How to grow/THE BATTLE AGAINST "MACHLOKES"/father and son . . . SAVLONUS/the son/the father/everything was a P'sak Halochah - ref. To Mishnas Rav Aharon on the Daas Torah-Halocha concept/never reacted to personal insult/ a Zechus to suffer for the sake of Torah/TO HELP CARRY THE BURDEN/VATRONUS/yielding and forgiving/M.R.A. on how to fight anger/HOW TO REPROVE/"that their spirit not fall"/to develop the positive/with love/the Rosh Hayeshiva's Kana'us-fire and wisdom/sensitivity/three stories/BEING THOUGHTFUL-in words and deeds/UNDERSTANDING THE IMPORTANCE of Sholom/SEEING GOOD/respect and responsibility/IMPRINT OF GREATNESS-RESPONSIBILITY/an unusual fast/an unwarranted word/TO UPROOT THE CAUSES OF ENMITY/they never considered themselves.


CHAPTER 5: The Kisei Hakavod View

Getting the total picture/how to "join my father's Bais Medrash": Ohl Torah-Ayin Tova, Ruach Nemucha and Nefesh Shfeiloh/he built a world in which a Ben Torah is appreciated-a Ben Torah whose sole interest and involvement is the Four Cubits of Halocha.


CHAPTER 6: The Mashgiach

Working with three generations of Talmidim/Kollel in every Jewish community


OVERVIEW: To uplift the banner of Torah - the Kollel Revolution:

An overview of Torah Dissemenation in two worlds.


Appendix: Essay of Rav Aharon Kotler on: The Supremacy of Torah


Glossary of Words and Terms