ANOTHER WONDERFUL AND INSPIRING SHIP which travelled on that very same Yam was the saintly and beloved successor of his great father the Rosh Yeshiva Maran Rav Schneur zt'l. He too through his interests [and maybe more importantly his non-interests]; his concerns; his deeds; his whole way of life was a wonderful example of Daas Elokim and Torah ideals.

Aside from benefiting from his Gadlus in Torah [he was oifn ort-thoroughly conversant and enlightening in every sugya in Shas; in every topic of Halocha and Agodah]; aside from benefiting from his wide ranging, deep and clear shiurim and his insightful, uplifting shmuessen, talmidim were inspired by a nineteen year vision of burning idealism and enthusiasm for Kol dovor shebikdushoh– for Torah – for Midos Tovos – for everything holy.

[To be exact, Rav Schneur passed away on the Nineteenth year Seventh month and Second day after assuming his Rosh Yeshiva position; equal to the day to the tenure of his father as Rosh Yeshiva of Lakewood. This extraordinary phenomenon was spoken of throughout the Torah world as a sign that in Shamayim/heaven he was considered a worthy son, disciple and successor who carried on his father’s mission to build Torah with total devotion.

The first ninteen years, seven months and two days of Lakewood Yeshiva saw its founding Rosh Yeshiva plant and nurture a fruit bearing, life giving young tree - the tree of Torah Lishmoh: Torah study not as a preparation for a career, not even solely to enable one to perform Hashem's Mitzvos properly– as important a purpose as this certainly is – but because the study of Hashem's Torah and the striving for greatness in Torah - in the context of striving for shleimus (perfection) in all areas required of a Torah Jew - is the greatest of all Mitzvos and the highest value. The concept took root - the tree was planted in the soil of pragmatic, career oriented American Jewry - a formidable task indeed. And it was accomplished, b'siatoh dishmayoh, hand in hand with his manifold worldwide efforts for the klal and the individual; accomplished with love of Hashem V'Toraso - love and concern for his people.

The second nineteen years, seven months and two days of Lakewood Yeshiva saw its second Rosh Yeshiva nurture that sapling till it became a mighty, deeply rooted tree, accepted and entrenched in the American Jewish scene; again, side by side with his manifold accomplishments for the klal and the individual.... again.... with love and concern.... carrying on the mission begun by his father with total devotion.]

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