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Parsha Vayislach


"Hatzileni Na Miyad Achi Miyad Eisav" "Save me please from the hand of my brother, from the hand of Eisav (Eisau)"

Yaakov (Jacob) stood in mortal danger. His evil brother Eisav, jealous over the blessing Yaakov had received from their father, was preparing to attack him. Yaakov prayed to Hashem that he should be delivered from Eisav's hands.

In actuality, Yaakov faced a two-fold peril. On one hand, Eisav posed a serious physical threat. On the other hand, peace with Eisav could jeopardize Yaakov and his family in the spiritual sense. Fraternizing with the wicked Eisav would leave them open to be influenced by his morally decadent ways.

Yaakov therefore prayed to be spared from both dangers. "Save me please from the hand of my brother", alludes to Yaakov's wish that he be protected from the negative influence of Eisav in the event that he makes overtures of brotherly love. "From the hand of Eisav" refers to his request that he be spared from a man whose name has become synonymous with physical threat - Eisav.

(Bais Halevi)

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