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Parsha Vayikra

"And He (Hashem) called to Moshe (Moses)"

The word "Vayikra" (and he called) indicates an indication of love that Hashem had for Moshe. Moshe -so to speak- received a personal "calling" or invitation whenever Hashem wished to speak with him.

The letter "Alef" in the word "Vayikra" is written smaller than the other letters. This is because Moshe, in his great humility wanted to minimize the implication of this word, "Vayikra". As the transcriber of the Torah, he could not change the word but he was able to mitigate to some degree the emphasis of that word by writing its first letter a bit smaller than the rest.

This was Moshe's conduct when it was his own honor at stake.

In the verse "Ashrecha Yisroel Mi Kamocha"-"Fortunate are you Israel; who is like you? (Det. 33:29), the letter Alef of the word "Ashrecha" is written larger than usual (according to the opinion of the Minchas Shai). Here, an emphasis is placed on the praises of the Jewish nation.

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