Meir Tzvi Berman

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Parshas Vayigash

"Anochi Aired Eemcha Mitzraymah V’Anochi Aalcha Gam Uloh"

I will go down with you to Mitzrayim (Egypt) and I will bring you up also going up.

Hashem (G-d) promised Yaakov (Jacob) that He would - so to speak - accompany him into the exile of Mitzrayim (Egypt). We are taught that Hashem accompanies the Jewish people throughout all of their exiles, not just the exile of Mitzrayim. Now, people do not easily perceive Hashem’s greatness when His people are in trouble or are in exile.

The concept of Hashem accompanying the Jews in exile can be understood to mean that Hashem allows the reputation of His name and glory to be dependent upon the fortune of the Jewish people. When the Jewish people are suffering, it is Hashem’s will that His own greatness is to be concealed.

This is called metaphorically that Hashem is joining us in exile. This thought is very comforting. We know that Hashem has guaranteed our ultimate redemption by putting no less precious a commodity that His own glory at stake. This is a powerful guarantee.
(Bais HaLevy)

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