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Parsha Pekudei


"These are the accountings of the Mishkan"

The Torah's presentation of the Mishkan's (Sanctuary) accounting - how much of each material was received and how it was used - is quite lengthy. In fact, every aspect of the construction is repeated to relate all of the materials to the building. It is obvious from the great extent at which the Torah describes the figures of the Mishkan that this accounting was very important. What can we learn from this?

By emphasizing the accounts of the Mishkan, the Torah alludes to the importance of keeping track of one's resources and confirming that they are being used in Hashem's service properly. This must be done for even the most lofty of pursuits, such as building the Mishkan, How much more so should a person evaluate the use of resources for mundane purposes.

Darash Moshe

"KAASHER TZIVA HASHEM ESS MOSHE" "Like that which Hashem commanded Moshe(Moses)"

Throughout the Torah's account of the building of the Mishkan, the Torah says at each stage of construction that the work was completed "Like that which Hashem commanded Moshe". The Torah repeats this phrase at every phase the construction.

What is the significance of this constant refrain?

Hashem - so to speak - expressed His will regarding the Mishkan through His directive to Moshe. Hashem has reasons for each aspect of the construction and they are quite profound (of course!). It was not a simple matter to fathom the deep symbolic meanings that lay in each of the instructions. Consequently, it was required that the builders be attuned to every nuance of Hashem's will so that the final product would indeed reflect precisely the symbolisms that Hashem intended it to be. Had the builders of the Mishkan simply followed their instructions in the most basic sense, they indeed would have fulfilled their basic obligation. However, objective was to build the Mishkan exactly according to the exact definition of Hashem's will.

The builders of the Mikdash were indeed able to meet the challenge; each and every aspect of the construction was executed exactly according to Hashem's will. The Torah emphasizes this at every aspect the construction "Like that which Hashem commanded Moshe".

Ohr Hachayim

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