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Haftarah: Yehezkel 36:16-38

MARCH 16-17, 2017 20 ADAR 5777


"I have endowed the heart of every wise-hearted person with wisdom" (Shemot 31:6)

Hashem appointed Besalel and Aholiab to make the Mishkan and to use all those with wisdom in their hearts to assist them. If we think about it, these people had just been enslaved for many years in Egypt doing menial work. Where did anyone have experience or background to be able to create the magnificent utensils of the Mishkan?

The answer is that Hashem gave wisdom to the "wise at heart." The one who wanted to use his heart to serve Hashem was given wisdom for G-d, Who is the Source of all knowledge. This is a lesson for us. We don't have to know everything to serve Hashem; we have to want to know everything to serve Him. There is a lot of potential in us and in our children which is waiting to be tapped. It needs the will and the direction. Let's not allow all that potential to go to waste with all the distractions of today's society! Shabbat Shalom. Rabbi Shmuel Choueka


While standing on the steps of the Temple Mount and viewing the crowds who came to visit, Ben Zoma remarked, "Blessed is the One Who created all these people to serve me!" This statement could be grossly misunderstood if viewed as a selfish comment by an egocentric individual. But the meaning behind Ben Zoma's observation is quite different. Ben Zoma was humbly acknowledging the interdependence of human beings. Craftsmen, farmers, technicians, doctors, freight handlers - no one person can do everything alone. In order to survive, individuals need a great variety of goods and services which they cannot provide for themselves, either due to lack of talent or lack of wherewithal. Ben Zoma was acknowledging his own shortcomings and his appreciation to Hashem for creating so many different people to provide for each other.

Life requires that you interact with your fellow man. Think, for a moment, how many different people it takes to provide the food, clothing, shelter, transportation, and

other goods and services you need just to get through one day. It only takes a little thought to consider that all has been provided for you and to appreciate it. "Blessed is He, Who created all these to serve you!" (One Minute With Yourself - Rabbi Raymond Beyda)

* * * * *

A quick tip to boost the power of your prayer. Hazal tell us (Masechet Baba Kama Daf 92A) that Hashem loves the tefilot of one Jew for another so much that anyone who prays on behalf of a fellow Jew with similar needs will have his prayer answered first. A special service has now begun to provide people with names of others who find themselves in a similar predicament. You can call with complete anonymity and get the name of someone to pray for and give the name of someone that needs our prayers. The name of the service is Kol Hamitpalel. Categories include: Marriage; Income; Health; To have children etc.

Call to 646-279-8712 or email (Privacy of email limited by the email address)

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