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by Zvi Akiva Fleisher

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Ch. 27, v. 25: "Va'yo'vei lo ya'yin" - We find the cantellation sign "meircho k'fuloh" under the word "lo." It appears very infrequently, and indicates some sort of doubling or repetition. The MESHECH CHOCHMOH cites the words of the "Yenuko," the holy child, in the Holy Zohar on parshas Bolok page 189b. I am far from clear on how it sheds light on the cantillation. Perhaps his intention is that the Holy Zohar states that the main components of a meal are bread and wine and everything else is ancillary to these two items, so it is understood that if our verse says "va'yochal" as well as "va'yeisht," it is understood that Yaakov was fed bread. This is especially appreciated in light of it being the night of Pesach (see Rashi on verse 9 d.h. "shnei"), when one is required to consume matzoh. Thus "va'yo'vei lo" with a "meircho k'fuloh" alludes to Yaakov's bringing not only wine, which is openly mentioned in the verse, but also matzoh.

The MESHECH CHOCHMOH suggests that the cantillation can be explained in a straightforward manner. The gemara P'sochim 88b says that one who drinks the contents of a large glass of liquid in one gulp is a guzzler. If he drinks it in two gulps he is a person who behaves with proper etiquette. Thus Yitzchok drank the contents of his goblet in two gulps, putting the goblet down in between and requiring Yaakov to serve him twice.

A few other possible answers:

Targum Yonoson ben Uziel says that the wine Yaakov gave Yitzchok came from the grapes that were created at the time of the world's creation (from Gan Eden). The Baa'lei Tosfos say that the angel Micho'eil gave the wine to Yaakov. How do we see this from the verse? Possibly it can be derived from the change in wording from "va'ya'geish" by the "matamim," and "va'yo'vei" by the wine. "Va'ya'geish," - and he brought close, indicates that it was there, just that it was distanced and now brought CLOSE. This was the case with the two goats, which were here in this world. However, the wine, which came through the messenger Micho'eil was BROUGHT from another world, Gan Eden. This might be indicated by the cantillation "meircho k'fuloh," a double "meircho," on the word "lo." Wine was brought "to him" twice, once to Yaakov from the angel Michoel, and a second time to Yitzchok from Yaakov.

Alternatively, we fill the goblet a second time shortly after kiddush, "mozgin kose sheini," on the night of Pesach. Yaakov not only filled the goblet for kiddush, but also after kiddush, alluded to by the "meircho k'fuloh."

Another explanation: Since the verse says "va'yochal" and only afterwards "va'yeisht," and one makes kiddush first before eating anything, we must say that this bringing and drinking of wine must be the second time it happened, alluded to by the"meircho k'fuloh."


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