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by Zvi Akiva Fleisher

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Ch. 32, v. 5: "Im Lovon garti" - Rashi adds that Yaakov sent this message to Eisov, "And during that time I kept the 613 mitzvos." "Garti" has the same letters as "taryag," 613. I lived with Lovon, always involved in physical pursuits. In spite of this I was able to imbue all my activities with the sanctity of the 613 mitzvos. (Rabbi Yitzchok Zelig Admor of Sokolov in Itu'rei Torah)

Ch. 32, v. 8: "Va'yeero Yaakov m'ode va'yeitzer lo va'yachatz es ho'om" - Why did Yaakov fear greatly and why was he experiencing such anguish? It is as a result of "va'yachatz es ho'om." When there is total unity among us Eisov has no power to cause us injury. It is only when the bnei Yisroel are divided that he may cause us harm. (Mimaynos Ha'netzach)

Ch. 32, v. 11: "Kotonti mikole hachasodim .. asher ossiso es avdecho" - My being humble is not my own accomplishment. It is but one among many of the kindnesses that Hashem has bestowed upon me. (Chozeh of Lublin in Sfas Emes) Alternatively, that You have allowed me to become your servant is a great kindness. (Toras Ovos)

Ch. 32, v. 23: "V'es ached ossor y'lodov" - Rashi points out that Yaakov hid Dinoh in a box because he feared that Eisov might lay his eyes upon her. Yaakov was punished in this regard and suffered the humiliating incident with Sh'chem and Dinoh. Had he allowed Eisov to see Dinoh, perhaps he would have taken her as his wife and she might have brought him back to the straight path. Even with Eisov's being brought up from birth by Yitzchok and Rivkoh and having turned out the way he did, nevertheless, even at this much later stage of life, even when the holiest people on earth failed, there was the distinct possibility that a wise wife could turn him around. (Rabbi Shmuel Kroizer in Hadoroh Shel Torah)

Ch. 32, v. 25: "Va'yivo'seir Yaakov l'vado" - The gemara Chulin 91a says that Yaakov returned to fetch small vessels that he had forgotten. Why did he bother? When Hashem gives someone possessions they become the medium through which he is to serve Hashem. (Ari z"l)

Surely one should not allow his positive character traits, internal values, to deteriorate. (Chidushei HoRi"m)

Ch. 32, v. 25: "Va'yei'o'veik ish imo" - This was the spiritual fight with Eisov's administering angel, a prelude to actually meeting Eisov. This angel represents the evil inclination. "Va'yei'o'veik," and he turned to dust. He takes the most severe sins and presents them to us as only being minor infractions. (Rabbi Shmuel Kroizer in Hadoroh Shel Torah)

Ch. 32, v. 32: "V'hu tzolei'a al y'reicho" - Even when one fights the negative forces, he suffers spiritually in some manner. The prohibition to eat "gid hanosheh" is a constant reminder of this. (Rabbi Shimon Shkop)

Ch. 33, v. 11: "Ki chanani Elokim v'chi yes li chole" - Since Hashem has given me what I have, I feel that I have everything that I need, not too little and not too much. (Rabbi Yitzchok Luria)

Ch. 33, v. 15: "Atzigoh noh imcho min ho'om asher iti va'yomer lomoh zeh emtzo chein b'einei adoni" - Eisov offered to leave some of his people with Yaakov. They would teach him the prevelant customs, etc. This way Yaakov and his entourage would acclimate themselves to the populace and not feel like outcasts. Yaakov responded, "Why should I want to find favour in your eyes? I am happy to remain a greenhorn and keep a distance from you." (Ahavoh M'shu'leshes)

Ch. 35, v. 2: "Hosiru es elohei ha'neichor asher b'sochachem" - Uproot the negative traits that are within you. They are truly the false gods. (A'keidas Yitzchok)


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