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by Zvi Akiva Fleisher

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Ch. 32, v. 12: "Hatzi'leini noh miyad ochi" - Eisov who symbolizes the evil inclination sometimes appears as a brother. He influences a person to behave with great "Chasidic" piety, to repent in such a severe a manner that it even breaks his spirit, and to subject himself to great physical deprivation. The source of these acts is to show off and appear to others as if he is very pious. Even if a person escapes this trap and truly has the proper intentions in such acts, if he is greatly weakened he will not be able to serve Hashem properly, and this could even lead to desecration of the Name of Hashem ch"v. Save me from the hand of my brother, seemingly seeking my spiritual benefit, but in reality is Eisov, the evil inclination. (The Holy Chozeh of Lublin)

Ch. 32, v. 14: "Vay'ikach min habo v'yodo minchoh l'Eisov ochiv" - Eisov is symbolic of the evil inclination and the powers of evil, the "sitro acharo." When one just acts and talks without giving it thought beforehand, "min habo l'yodo," he gives over his thoughts and actions as a benefaction to Eisov. This is unfortunately true even when he does mitzvos. (Arvei Nachal on parshas Yisro)

Ch. 32, v. 28: "Im (e)Elo(k)him v'im anoshim" - The angel praised Yaakov, saying that he was connected with Hashem even when he was involved with people. (Kedushas Levi)

Ch. 33, v. 15: "Lomoh zeh emtzo chein b'einei adoni" - What spiritual flaw have you, Eisov, found in me that I find favour in your eyes? (A Chasidic style vort from Rabbi Yitzchok Zev haLevi of Brisk)

Ch. 35, v. 2: "Hosiru elohei ha'neichor asher b'soch'chem" - Remove the false gods that are within you, in your heart. (The Holy Admor of Kotzk)


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