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by Zvi Akiva Fleisher

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Ch. 18, v. 1: "Va'yeiro eilov Hashem" - Rashi says that Hashem appeared to Avrohom in an act of visitation to the sick, as it was the third day after Avrohom's circumcision. Avrohom did not credit himself with being such an exalted person that he deserved a personal visit from Hashem, but rather, that Hashem appeared to do the kindness of "bikur cholim." (Rabbi Chaim of Tchernovitz in B'eir Mayim Chaim)

Hashem visited Avrohom to see how this tzadik willingly accepted pain, "ki'beil y'surim b'ahavoh." (Imrei Emes)

Ch. 18, v. 1: "Va'yeiro eilov Hashem .. v'hu yosheiv pesach" - Even though Avrohom was aware that Hashem appeared to him,he nevertheless did not consider himself on a very high spiritual level. He felt that he was only on the threshold of his pursuit of sanctity, "v'hu yosheiv pesach." (Noam Elimelech)

Ch. 18, v. 1: "V'hu yosheiv pesach ho'ohel k'chom hayom" - Just as a day can become very hot by virtue of the effect of the sun, even though it is millions of miles away, so too, the tzadik can be sitting at the opening of his tent, on this lowly earth, and invest great spiritual warmth into the highest spheres. (Noam Elimelech)

Ch. 18, v. 1: "V'hu yosheiv pesach ho'ohel" - Rashi says that in spite of it being an exceedingly hot day, Avrohom sat outside the opening of his tent to see if there was a wayfarer passing by to whom he could offer hospitality, "liros im yeish oveir v'shov." We can say that Avrohom sat by the opening, the opportunity, to show people who have sinned that they can repent and return to Hashem, "im yeish oveir," if someone sinned, "v'shov," then he should return. (The Koznitzer Magid in Avodas Yisroel)

Ch. 18, v. 2: "Shloshoh anoshim nitzovim olov v'yar va'yorotz" - As per Pirkei Ovos 1:2, the world stands on three pillars, Torah, Avodah, and G'milas chasodim, corresponding to Yaakov, Yitzchok, and Avrohom. At this point in time Yitzchok and Yaakov were not yet born, and the world only had the pillar of kindness, embodied in Avrohom, upon which to stand. Avrohom realized that the responsibilities of three men, Himself, Yitzchok, and Yaakov, were "nitzovim," relying upon him. He therefore rushed to fulfill the act of g'milas chasodim. (Toldos Yaakov Yoseif)

Ch. 18, v. 4: "V'rachatzu ragleichem" - Rashi says that Avrohom requested that they wash their feet because he feared that they might deify the dust that accumulated o their feet from their travels. This alludes to the attitude that people have that by running here and there they will bring success to their business and that it is out of Hashem's hands. (Rabbi Yehoshua of Ostrova)


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