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by Zvi Akiva Fleisher

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Ch. 6, v. 13: "Va'y'tza'veim el bnei Yisroel" - And He JOINED them ("tzavso") to the bnei Yisroel. Only through a strong connection with the nation were Moshe and Aharon able to be a conduit for the nation's redemption. (Admor of Kamarna in Heichal Brochoh)

Ch. 6, v. 13: "Va'y'tza'veim el bnei Yisroel" - People accustom themselves even to the most difficult of circumstances and sometimes prefer this over changing to a new situation for fear of the unknown. Hashem therefore told Moshe and Aharon that the redemption isn't an option, but rather a command. (Nirreh li)

Ch. 6, v. 13: "Va'y'tza'veim el bnei Yisroel v'el Paroh" - Moshe and Aharon were exhorted to convince the bnei Yisroel that the redemption was at hand. This was an absolute necessity, and even preceded telling this to Paroh. Without the bnei Yisroel's belief in their ultimate redemption there would be no redemption even if Paroh would be persuaded to free them. (Nirreh li)

Ch. 6, v. 13: "V'el Paroh" - Rashi says that Moshe and Aharon were commanded to show honour to Paroh. This was a precursor to his downfall, as per the verse "lifnei shevver g'one" (Mishlei 16:18). (Rabbi Meir Yoseif of Spinka in Imrei Yoseif)

Ch. 6, v. 20: "Va'yikach Amrom es Yocheved dodoso lo l'ishoh" - Because Moshe, the pillar of Torah, was to come from this union, Amrom married his aunt. Learning the Torah requires that one who is greater should learn from one who is less than he is. Thus Yocheved, who was from an earlier generation, would follow the guidance of her husband, and symbolically ingrain this trait into Moshe, who would in turn do the same for the bnei Yisroel. (Mo'ore Vosho'mesh)

Ch. 6, v. 21: "Uvnei Yitzhor Korach voNefeg v'Zichri" - And those whose actions shine, "Yitzhor," will dissipate coldness, "Korach voNefeg," through always keeping Hashem in mind, "v'Zichri." (Rebbe Reb Zisha of Anipoli in Ilono D'chayei)


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