Chasidic Insights

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by Zvi Akiva Fleisher

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Ch. 27, v. 28: "V'yi'ten l'cho hoElokim mital hashomayim" - "Tal," spelled Tes-Lamed has the numerical value of 39. The blessing is that the 39 forms of work that Yaakov involves himself should be heavenly, "tal Torah," and not physical. (Degel Machaneh Efraim)

Ch. 27, v. 30: "Va'y'hi ach yotzo yotzoh Yaakov" - Even though Yaakov just received colossal blessings, he remained small, "ach," an expression of diminution. (Rabbi Meir Yehudoh of Bukovisk in Ohr l'Meir)

Ch. 27, v. 33: "Vo'ochal mikole" - Rashi says that Yitzchok tasted all the tastes that he wanted in the food brought by Yaakov. "Mikole" has the numerical value of 90, equal to that of "mon," manna. Yaakov invested such sanctity in the food that it was elevated to the level of manna and had all tastes in it. (Imrei Emes)

Ch. 27, v. 33: "Vo'avoracheihu gam boruch y'h'yeh" - I will bless him, even though he will anyhow be blessed in the future by Hashem. I personally want to bless him. (Macha'zeh Avrohom)

Ch. 27, v. 34: "Kishmoa Eisov" - Shouldn't the verse have said "Va'y'hi kishmoa Eisov"? "Va'y'hi" connotes pain, a cry of woe, but here Eisov's not receiving the blessings because Yaakov wrested them away from him is most joyous. (Agro D'kaloh)

Ch. 27, v. 35: "Boh ochicho b'mirmoh" - This blessing brought good to the world, a reparation for the curse that descended when Odom and Chavoh partook of the "eitz hadaas." Just as the sin came about through cunning, "v'hanochosh hoyoh orum" (Breishis 3:1), so too, the correction of this sin required cunning. (Baal Hatanya in Ohr Torah)

Ch. 27, v. 35: "Boh ochicho b'mirmoh" - Rashi says that "b'mirmoh" means with wisdom. As per the dictum that a blessing is only found in that which is hidden from the eye, Yaakov likewise masqueraded himself. (Arvei Nachal)

Ch. 27, v. 36: "Ha'lo otzalto li brochoh" - When Eisov realized that Yaakov received physical blessings, the dew of the heavens and the fat of the land, he understood that he could not receive that which was already given away. He said that he was even willing to receive a spiritual blessing, "halo otzalto li brochoh," - don't you have set aside for me a spiritual blessing from the world of "atzilus." Yitzchok responded that Eisov has no connection to the upper spheres and told him that only physical goods are within his realm, as per verse 39. (Noam Elimelech)


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