Chasidic Insights

on the Weekly Parsha

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by Zvi Akiva Fleisher

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Ch. 16, v. 20: "Tzedek tzedek tirdof" - Pursue justice with justice. Do not attempt to bring about justice with devious means. The end does NOT justify the means. (Rabbi Noach of Lechovitz)

Ch. 16, v. 22: "V'lo sokim l'cho matzeivoh" - Don't make L'CHO, that which is for you, your needs, a monument, a permanent fixture. This world is ephemeral, and only a preparation for the world to come. (Kedushas Levi )

Ch. 17, v. 18: "V'hoyoh CH'shivto al ki'sei mamlachto" - Shouldn't the verse have said "B'shivto," as he is sitting, rather than "CH'shivto," LIKE he is sitting? A choson is equated to a king. He elevates himself spiritually through fasting and repentance. "V'hoyoh," and it will be a great joy ("v'hoyoh" loshon simchoh) if the newlywed groom will always retain his high spiritual level LIKE that which he had when he was equated to a king, "CH'shivto." (Sfas Emes)

Ch. 17, v. 18: "V'chosav lo es mishneh haTorah hazose" - Rashi says that the king is required to have two sifrei Torah, one that is to be kept in his hidden treasury, and one that is to accompany him in his comings and goings. This is a message for every ben Yisroel, as the bnei Yisroel are all "bnei m'lochim." They should be consciously aware of the writings of the Torah and abide by the Torah, both in their hidden chambers, private life, and in their comings and goings, when they come in contact with others, i.e. business, etc. (Rabbi Chaim Meyer of Viznitz in Ahavoh M'shuleshes)

Ch. 18, v. 13: "*T*omim t'h'yeh im Hashem Elokecho" - The Mesorah states that the letter Tof of Tomim is enlarged (This is not our custom.) Why is this letter enlarged, while the letter Mem in "al *m*okdoh" is diminished? When it comes to behaving with complete trust in Hashem we must do this in great measure, even if it is externally noticed. When it comes to serving Hashem with the fire of enthusiasm, it is important to keep it inside and not make a public display. (The Holy Admor of Kotzk)

Ch. 20, v. 8: "Mi ho'ish ha'yo'rei v'rach ha'leivov" - Is it possible that there is a man who claims that he has true fear of Hashem and at the same time is faint of heart? (The Holy Admor of Kotzk)

Ch. 21, v. 9: "V'atoh t'va'eir hadom hanoki mikirbecho ki saa'seh ha'yoshor b'einei Hashem" - If you will do that which is correct in the eyes of Hashem then you will cleanse your blood and it will become purified, and it will remove any last vestige of an urge to murder from within you. (Ibn Ezra)


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