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by Zvi Akiva Fleisher

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Ch. 1, v. 1: "V'ei'leh" - The letter Vov at the beginning of the first word of the new volume of Shmos indicates a continuum of the volume of Breishis. It is only with the acceptance of the Torah in parshas Yisro that the purpose of the creation of the world is complete. (Sfas Emes) See the Ramban's preface to Shmos, where he explains that Shmos is a completion of Breishis only with the building of the Mishkon.

Ch. 1, v. 1: "Shmos" - The bnei Yisroel are the purpose of creation. This is indicated by the word Shmos, whose letters are an acronym for "Tachlis Maa'sei Shomayim Vo'oretz." (Rabbi Avrohom of Stretin in Tal Orose)

Ch. 1, v. 1: "Ish u'veiso bo'u" - Rashi says that the bnei Yisroel are likened to stars. Just as stars always illuminate at night, and even if clouds block their light from reaching us, eventually the clouds will dissipate and their light becomes visible again, so too, even if the bnei Yisroel ch"v sin and their light is clouded, they will eventually repent and their radiance will again become apparent. ((Rabbi Avrohom Yehoshua Heshel of Biala-Lublin in Y'shuos Avrohom)

Ch. 1, v. 5: "V'Yoseif hoyoh v'Mitzroyim" - Even though Paroh gave him the title Tzofnas Paa'nei'ach, nevertheless he remained Yoseif, the name his father gave him. (Rabbi Levi Yitzchok of Berditchov in K'dushas Levi)

Ch. 1, v. 7: "Uvnei Yisroel poru va'yish'r'tzu va'yirbu va'yaatzmu bimode m'ode" - Only when the bnei Yisroel strengthened themselves "va'yaatzmu" in "m'ode m'ode," referring to humility, as per the mishneh "m'ode m'ode he'vei shfal ruach" (Pirkei Ovos 4:4), did they merit to multiply tremendously. (Rabbi Shmuel Shmaryoh of Ostrovtze in Zichron Shmuel)

Ch. 1, v. 7: "Vatimo'lei ho'oretz osom" - "Osom" refers to Yoseif and his brothers, whose passing was mentioned in the previous verse. Even though they died, their spirit so pervaded their offspring that the land filled with their purity and sanctity. (Rabbi Mayer of Dzshikov in Imrei Noam)

Ch. 1, v. 9: "Rav v'otzum" - These words appear in the singular form to indicate that it was their unity that worried Paroh to the point that he felt that the small group of bnei Yisroel was greater and stronger than the Egyptians. (Rabbi Mayer Yechiel of Ozsherov in B'eir Moshe)

Ch. 1, v. 10: "Hovoh nis'chakmoh lo" - Let us inculcate them with our "wisdoms" and they will readily blend with our society. (Rabbi Y'kusiel Yehudoh of Siget in Yeitav Lev)

Ch. 1, v. 12: "Vayokutzu miPNEI bnei Yisroel" - The Egyptians were disgusted with the appearance, the PNEI, of the bnei Yisroel. (Rabbi Chaim Mayer of Viznitz in Ohr Ha'mei'ir)

Ch. 1, v. 14: "B'chomer u'vilveinim" - The bnei Yisroel have the ability to take the lowest physicality, "chomer," and to turn it into white illuminating spirituality, "l'veinim." (Rabbi Yitzchok Yaakov of Biala in Divrei Binoh)


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