Chasidic Insights

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by Zvi Akiva Fleisher

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Ch. 41, v. 1: "Va'y'hi mi'keiz shnosayim yomim" - Woe when at the end of one's years he has lived only days that were meaningful and accomplished. (Rabbi Avrohom of Stretin in Degel Macha'neh Yehudoh)

Ch. 41, v. 1: "Va'y'hi mi'keiz shnosayim yomim u'Pharoh choleim" - Woe when at the end of one's years and days it is discovered, "uPharoh" from the word form "poro'ah," as in "u'fora es rosh" (Bmidbar 5:18), that life has passed by like a dream. (Rabbi Yisroel Dov Ber of Yashnitz in Dvir Hamutzna)

Ch. 41, v. 38: "Ish asher ruach Elokim bo" - In spite of Yoseif's external activity of styling his hair, "ruach Elokim BO," internally the spirit of Hashem burns fiercely. (Rebbe R' Bunim in Kole Simchoh)

Ch. 41, v. 39: "Ein novone v'chochom komocho" - There is no equal to you to fully comprehend your wisdom. (Baal Shem Tov)

Ch. 41, v. 45: "Tzofnas Paa'nei'ach" - The base inclinations that are hidden deep inside a person were open and evident to Yoseif. (Rabbi Volf Strikiver in Zeir Zohov)

Ch. 41, v. 45: "Tzofnas Paa'nei'ach" - Yoseif was able to hide his greatness even when he was a viceroy and open to the scrutiny of the public. (Imrei Emes)

Ch. 41, v. 45: "Tzofnas Paa'nei'ach" - When elevated to the position of viceroy, it became clear to Yoseif why he had to go through tough times, when Hashem's good was hidden from him. (Degel Machaneh Efrayim)

Ch. 41, v. 47: "Vataas ho'oretz .. likmotzim" - When involved with earthly activities, it should be "likmotzim," with limitations. (Rabbi Chaim Cheikel of Amdur in Chaim Vochesed)

Ch. 41, v. 56: "Va'yiftach Yoseif es kol asher bo'hem" - Yoseif was the conduit for sustenance for the land. When hunger was felt he opened up the channels of provisions. (Rabbi Yaakov Yehudoh of Nad'r'zin in B'oho'lei Tzadikim)

Ch. 42, v. 1: "Vayar Yaakov ki yesh shever b'Mitzroyim" - And Yaakov saw that there was someone in Egypt whose heart is broken. (Rabbi Uri Feivel of Dobinka in Ohr Hachochmoh)

Alternatively, and Yaakov saw that there was someone in Egypt who overpowers and breaks his lusts. (Rabbi Yaakov Yitzchok of Blendov in Emes l'Yaakov)


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