Chasidic Insights

on the Weekly Parsha

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by Zvi Akiva Fleisher

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Ch. 1, v. 1: "Breishis" - Rashi says in the name of Rabbi Yitzchok that the Torah should have begun with the parsha of the renewal of the moon. This would have been appropriate because the most vital character trait is modesty. We find that the moon, in spite of waxing throughout the first half of every month, acts humbly, and wanes until it is not visible. (Toldos Yaakov Yoseif)

Ch. 1, v. 1: "Breishis" - Rashi says that for the purpose of the Torah the creation is called "Reishis." If so, why is the word "Breishis" and not "Reishis?" He Torah is two-fold, the written and the oral, B-reishis = 2 Reishis. (Kedushas Levi)

Ch. 1, v. 1: "Breishis borro" - The first thing a person needs is "bonim, chaim," and "m'zonos," as alluded to in "borro," "b'ro" = a son, "brius" = health, "bar" = food. (Rabbi Boruch Mordechai of Koidinov in Divrei Sholo-m)

Ch. 1, v. 1: "Eis hashomayim v'eis ho'oretz" - The purpose of creation is to bring sanctity, "shomayim," into our earthly, "oretz," pursuits. (B'eir Mayim Chaim)

Ch. 2, v. 7: "Va'y'hi ho'odom l'nefesh chayoh" - "Va'y'hi" connotes anguish, because a person is created against his will (Pirkei Ovos 4:29). (Agro d'Kallo)

Ch. 2, v. 10: "V'nohor yotzei mei'Aden" - The spiritual shine leaves a person, when he indulges in luxuries, "maadanim." (Rabbi Yehoshua of Apt in Oheiv Yisroel)

Ch. 2, v. 12: "Uzahav ho'oretz ha'hee tov shom habdolach" - When is the gold of the land good? When "shom habdolach," it is attained through honestly and transparency. (Rabbi Eliezer Zvi of Komarna)

Ch. 2, v. 16: "Mikole eitz hagan ochol tocheil" - Don't behave in an extreme manner. Of that which is permitted, you should eat. Only remember to not transgress that which is prohibited. (B'eir Mayim Chaim)

Ch. 2, v. 18: "E'e'seh lo eizer" - I, Hashem will make Myself man's helper to combat his evil inclination, as per the gemara Kidushin 30b, "If not for Hashem's help man could not withstand the temptations posed by his inclination. (Rabbi Moshe Elyokum Brioh of Koznitz)


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