Rabbi Feinhandler has many years of life experience and has counseled many people in all realms. Each week his schedule is full with many people seeking his advice and help. He has tremendous success in marriage counseling, and in most cases, solves their problems in one session (when there is no underlying psychological problem in the way).

Rabbi Feinhandler also counsels parents in handling their children's problems. He says that most problems found in children can be traced to their parents, and he helps the parents correct the situation.

One prime example is bedwetting among children. He has developed a unique method for parents to cure their children's bedwetting - all in one session.

Rabbi Feinhandler is willing to call an interested client overseas. The price of one phone session (45 min.) to the US and most of Europe is $85. Payments can be done through credit card.

If you wish to join, please contact the Rabbi at:
tel: 972-2-537-1447 or 972-50-827-992.