A Drop Of Dikduk

Rabbi Mordechai Terebelo

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Parshas Vayishlach

The Statement: Breishis Perek 36:24 "V'Aleh V'nei Tzivon V'Alah VaAnah" And thses are the sons of Tzivon: V'Alah VaAnah.

The Problem: It would seem that the Vav of V'Aleh is unnnecesary. A Vavgenerally takes the place of the word and. It combines and attaches two or more objects or actionst ogether. In this case V"Aleh is the first son of Tzivon mentioned and therefore the Vav seems to be out of place since it is not joining two names together.

The Solution: Rashi explains the extra Vav as being the way of the Torah. The Torah sometimes adds a Vav even though there is no object beforehand. The Radak in Sefer Hamichlol brings an explanation from his father as to why the Vav is placed here. In our case the extra Vav alludes to other children that Tzivon had. The reason for them not being mentioned explicitely was perhaps because they had no children. Since Tzivon had other children besides these that the Torah explicitely states therefore a Vav is placed there as if to say that V'Aleh is a continuation of the descendants of Tzivon.

Rabbi Terebelo is Rav of Young Israel of Lawrenceville 5th grade Rebbi at Yeshiva Shaarei Tzion of Piscataway NJ Member Kollel of Beth Medrash Govoha and Director of Partners in Torah Program of Lawrenceville NJ

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