A Drop Of Dikduk

Rabbi Mordechai Terebelo

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Parsha Vayeshev

The Statement: Perek 39:12 "Vatispesayhu Bevigdoh "And she grabbed him by his clothing"

The Rule: Have you ever wondered how one is to know if he should say Bnai Yisroel with a "Bet" or Vnai Yisrael with a "Vet"? The general rule of thumb is when BGD CFS is preceded by AHOY then the BGD CFS becomes soft. To put it in understandable terms when the letters "Bet" "Gimmel" "Dalet" "Chaf" "Pay" or "Saf" are in the beginning of a word and are preceded by any one of the letters "Alef" "Heh" "Vav" or "Yud" at the end of the previous word, then the BGD CFS loses its Dagash and becomes soft. Therefore for example, Bnai Yisroel when preceded by the word "Mipnei" from before, becomes Vnai Yisroel since the word preceding Bnai ends in a Yud.

The Problem: The word Vatispesayhu ends with the letter "Vav" and the word Bevigdoh strangely begins with a Bet. If we followed the aforementioned rule, the word should be Vevigdoh since the rule says that when AHOY precedes a BGD CFS it turns the sound to a soft sound.

The Solution : The Ramchal in his Sefer Hadikduk writes that one of the exceptions to the BGD CFS rule is a word that begins with two identical letters. Therefore since the word "Bevigdoh" begins with two of the letter "Bet" therefore it does not follow the BGD CFS rule. Rather than beginning with a "Vet" as the BGD CFS rule would dictate and having two "Vet" in the beginning of the word, it begins with a Dagesh in the first letter making it "Bevigdoh."

Rabbi Mordechai Terebelo is Rav of Congregation Young Israel of Lawrenceville New Jersey He is also a Rebbe in Bezalel Hebrew Day School of Lakewood New Jersey and a member of the Kollel of Beth Medrash Govoha

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