A Drop Of Dikduk

Rabbi Mordechai Terebelo

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Parshas Vayera

The Statement: Bereishis Perek 20 Posuk 9: "Vayikrah Avimelech L'Avrohom Vayomer Lo Meh Asisah Lanu etc" And he said to him what have you done to us, what have we sinned to you etc.......... The Taamim on this Posuk are very unique. In this Posuk there are an exceedingly large amount of Taamim Hamafsikim. In this Posuk there are twelve Taamim Hamafsikim.

The Question: What is the reason for the large amount of Taamim Hamafsikim in this Posuk? What are the Taamim indicating in this Posuk?

The Answer: A Taam Mafsik is indicating a pause. The Esnachta and the Sof Posuk are the biggest Mafsikim in the Posuk. We have discussed many times the use of the Esnachta to accentuate and stress a certain point in the Posuk. Any Taam Mafsik is indicating a pause. Some are indicating a larger pause than others. Nevertheless all of them indicate a pause to some extent.

Rav Yakov Kamenetsky in his sefer Emes L'Yakov offers the following reason for this Posuk and its unique Taamim. When a person has a complaint against someone or wishes to accuse him of something, he is very short and abrupt with his words. He wishes to accentuate his words and says them with stress and meaning. In this Posuk Avimelech is complaining to Avrohom about concealing the fact that Sarah was Avrohom's wife. He is saying his words with stress and meaning. It is for this reason that there are so many Taamim Mafsikim in this Posuk indicating the stress and gravity of the accusation of wrongdoing that Avimelech feels he has against Avrohom.

Rabbi Terebelo is Rav of Young Israel of Lawrenceville 5th grade Rebbi at Yeshiva Shaarei Tzion of Piscataway NJ Member Kollel of Beth Medrash Govoha and Director of Partners in Torah Program of Lawrenceville NJ

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