A Drop Of Dikduk

Rabbi Mordechai Terebelo

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Parsha Va'era

The Statement: Perek 7:29 "U'vcha U'vamecha U'vchal Avadecha Yalu Hatzefardiim"

The frogs will rise up against you and your nation and all of your slaves. Rashi notes that the plague of frogs not only affected the living quarters of the Egyptians but also entered the bodies of the Egyptians. Thus, the frogs not only invaded the houses of the Egyptians but their bodies as well were invaded.

The Rule: Almost every Posuk has an Esnachta. It is used to divide the Posuk into two. When the Posuk has two statements the Esnachta is used to divide the Posuk into these two statements. If the Posuk consists of only one statement such as: "Hashem spoke to Moshe saying" there will be no Esnachta since the Posuk in this case, has only one statement.

The Problem: It would seem that this Posuk consists of only one statement. It seems to be saying that the frogs affected Paroh, his slaves, and his nation. If this is so, why is an Esnachata placed in this Posuk after your slaves, since there is only one statement here? Why is there in this Posuk is there an Esnachta which would seem to allude to two statements?

The Solution: An Esnachta besides dividing two independent statements that are in one Posuk, may also be used for stress. The pause that rests on the word with the Esnachta is a sign of importance and stress. (It's like putting the words in bold print) The pause in the Posuk denotes a severity of the plague. The Esnachta on the words "your slaves" alludes to the fact that the plague was so severe that it even affected the insides of their bodies. This is why we have an Esnachta in this Posuk eventhough this Posuk does not consist of two statements.

(Shaarei Zimrah Shaar 6 Paragraph 1)

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