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Rabbi Mordechai Terebelo

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Parsha Tzav

The Statement: Vayikra 7:23 "Kol Cheylev Shor Vechesev Vaayz Lo Sochaylu" Any fat of the ox, sheep or goat you should not eat. The Taamim are a Marecha under the word "Shor," Tevir under the word "Vechesev", and a Tipcha under the word" Vaayz".

The Rule: When three things are listed; the first is given a Taam which is a Mesharays followed by the second item of the list with a Taam which is a Mafsik. Examples of this may be found in Shmos 25:3 Zahav Vachesef Unechoshes the first Taam is a Marecha a Mesharays followed by a Tipcha which is a Mafsik under Vachesef. Another example is in Shmos 28:17-20 where it lists the stones of the Choshen. In each instance the first stone is given a Taam of Mesharays followed by the second stone having a Mafsik for a Taam. If the second item is closer in nature to the third item then the first, then the Taamim will group the second and third item together.

The Problem: It would seem proper to group the Chesev (sheep)and Ayz (goat) together since they are both of the thinner animal variety compared to the Shor (ox) which is from the heavy animal variety. Therefore it would be more logical that the Taam should be a Tevir under the word Shor followed by a Marecha Tipcha combination under the Chesev and Ayz.

The Solution: Rav Yakov Kamenetsky in Emes LaYakov suggests that the Taamim are in accordance with a Drasha in Meseches Chullin 117A. The Gemorah determines that the fat of the tail is not included in the prohibiton against fats because the nature of the prohibition must be something that applies to ox sheep and goat equally. Therefore, since neither a goat or an ox have a tail, the prohibition can not be extended to the tail for it does not apply to all three animals. The Taamim are in accordance with this Drasha. The Taam of the second animal the sheep is placed in between the Marecha Tipcha combination to make them continuos as if they are all equal and dependent on one another, for all three equally determine what is included in the prohibition against fats.

Rabbi Mordecai Terebelo can be reached at MTEREBELO@juno.com

Rabbi Terebelo is Rav of Young Israel of Lawrenceville 5th-6th grade Rebbi at Bezalel Hebrew Day School of Lakewood NJ Member Kollel of Beth Medrash Govoha and Director of Partners in Torah Program of Lawrenceville NJ

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