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Rabbi Mordechai Terebelo

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Parsha Terumah

The Statement: Shmos Perek 25:16 "Venasata El HAron is HAdus Asher Etayn Eylacha." And you should place in the Aron the testimony which I will give to you.

The Problem: The Taam under HAron is an Esnachta. An Esnachta is used to divide a Posuk when it has two statements. In this Posuk it would seem there is only one thought or statement. That is: to place in the Aron the Luchos, the tablets of testimony. A similar Posuk to this is 25:21 which uses almost identical words and seems to view it as one statement. If this is the case why is this Posuk divided by an Esnachta if there is only one statement?

The Solution: Rashi mentions in Posuk 21 that the reason why the placement of the Luchos into the Aron is repeated, is to stress the fact that even before they put the Kapores (the lid) on the Aron they put the Luchos inside. Perhaps this is the reason for the Esnachta on the word Aron in Posuk 16 for it is stressing the word Aron. It is to stress to us that while it was still the Aron without anything else such as the Kapores on it, then they put the Luchos inside.

Shaarei Zimrah Shaar 6 Paragraph 1

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Rabbi Terebelo is Rav of Young Israel of Lawrenceville
5th-6th grade Rebbi at Bezalel Hebrew Day School of Lakewood NJ
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