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Rabbi Mordechai Terebelo

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Parsha Shemos

The Statement: Perek 2:24 "VaYizkor Elokim Es Briso Es Avrohom Es Yitzchok VaEs Yakov" And Hashem remembered his treaty with Avrohom and with Yitzchok and with Yakov. The Taam under Avrohom is a Tipchah followed by a Marecha under Yitzchok then a Sof Posuk after Yakov.

The Rule: Generally when listing things such as names or objects the Taamim are a Mesharays followed by a Mafsik. The Mesharays is subservient to the Mafsik. In the case of Marecha Tipcha, the Marecha is a Mesharays. It shows less stress and importance to that word then to the word that follows, which is a Mafsik. A Mafsik denotes a pause and stress on that word. An example is in Perek 1:3 Yissachar Zevulun OoVinyomin. There the Taam follows the pattern of lists, first Marecha Tipcha then Sof Posuk. Another example is the listing of the materials for the Mishkan Zahav Kesef Unechoshes(Gold, silver and copper). There the Taam also follows the pattern of lists, first Marecha Tipcha then Sof Posuk.

The Problem: Why in this Posuk since it is listing the recipients of Hashem's treaty does it not use the standard formula for lists? The Taamim should be Marecha under Avrohom then Tipcha under Yitzchok and a Sof Posuk after Yakov. Why is the Taam under Avrohom a Tipcha?

The Solution: The Sharei Zimrah in Shaar 5 Paragraph 4 explains that when Avrohom received the treaty it included a treaty for all his children and descendants. This is supported by the Posuk relating "I have established a treaty for you and your children after you." Since Avrohom was in essence the primary recipient of the treaty therefore the stress is placed on his name. It is for this reason that a Tipcha which is a Mafsik (which notes stress) is used for the word Avrohom. Yitzchok and Yakov are merely details in the original treaty and therefore the Taam on these words is a Marecha a lower level Taam that does not note any stress.

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