A Drop Of Dikduk

Rabbi Mordechai Terebelo

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Parshas Acharei Mos - Kedoshim

The Statement: Vayikra 19:26 "Mozenai Tzedek" Correct scales you should have. In this Posuk the word Mozenai has the Taam of Darga on the first letter, the Mem.

The Rule: When a Shva is on a letter that immediately follows a Tenuah Gedolah the Shva is a Shva Naah.

However if the Tenuah Gedolah letter has a Taam, then the Shva is a Shva Nach. Such examples are in Bereishis 30:8 Yacholti. In this case although the Shva follows the Tenuah Gedolah of a Cholom on the Chaf, it is still a Shva Nach. This is because the Taam of the word Yacholti is on the Tenuah Gedolah, the Chaf. Since the Tenuah Gedolah has a Taam on it the Shva following it does not become a Shava Naah but is a Shva Nach.

The Exception: This only applies to words accented in their proper and normal places. This is to say, only when the accent is on the usual place which is the last syllable of the word, does this rule apply. Therefore in our case the word Mozenai although the Taam is on the Tenuah Gedolah the Shva is a Shva Naah since the Taam is not in its usual place it has been moved up to the first letter of the word because of the Nasog Achor rule.

See Drop of Dikduk last year Kedoshim for Nasog Achor rule.

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