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D''vrei Mordechai

by Reb Mordechai Rosen z"l
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What does Hashem Elokecha ask from you, but to fear Hashem Elokecha and to walk in His ways? (Devorim, Perek Yud, Pasuk Yud Gimmel)

Parshas Ki SayZay

This vort is based on a vort of the Imrei Eish on Parshas Re'eh.

The Parsha discusses many different types of behavior - telling us what is allowed and the punishment for certain types of behavior. While discussing the punishment for a man and woman who commit adultery the Pasuk says "U'Beearta Harah MiYisrael", and you will put away the evil from Yisrael.

If you subtract the gematria of the word "rah," (Resh, Ayin) from the gematria of the word Yisrael (Yud, Shin, Resh, Alef, Lamed), you are left with the gematria of the words "Liman Yitav Lach," so it should be good for you.

Editors Note: I would like to share a wonderful piece of news with you, news that I would love to share with my father Mordechai a"h, news I hope will make his Neshama soar. Today, my father's oldest grandchild, my eldest son began to learn Gemara. I know that my father would have shepped such nachas from my son learning the words of our Sages, brought down through the generations. It is my deepest wish, that in the zechus of these many Divrei Torah which my father said, which you take the time to learn each week and hopefully grow in Yiddishkeit, in this zechus I hope that my son will continue to shteig in learning and become the Lamdan and Talmid Chacham that my father was.

Kesiva V'chasima Tova,
Chumi Friedman

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