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D''vrei Mordechai

by Reb Mordechai Rosen z"l
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What does Hashem Elokocha ask from you but to fear Hashem Elokocha and to walk in His ways. (Devorim. Perek Yud Pasuk Yud Gimmel)


1 "Tzohar Taseh LaTayvah'' (Perek Zayin, Pasuk Tes Zayin). Rashi offers two explanations for the word ``Tzohar" One, a window to provide light in the Ark and two, a precious stone that gave off light. The Yisah Bracha (on daf lamed alef) brings down from the Zohar that the Tayvah represents Yom HaKippurim, because the Targum explains Tayvah from the word Litayvuso which is a lashon of Teshuva. It is interesting that the word HaTayvah Hey, Tof, Bais, Hey has a gematria of 412. It is the same gematria as the words Yom HaKippurim - Yud, Vov, Mem and Hay, Kof, Pay, \/ov, Resh, Yud, Mem. Also interesting is that the words of Rashi "Aven Tovah Hameira Lahem" (a precious stone that gave light for them) has the same gematria - 412.* The word Tzohar contains additional remazim to Yom Kippur. The Tzaddik is a remez to the word Tzom which represents Teshuva. The Hey is a remez to the five Tefilos we daven on Yom Kippur. The Resh is a remez to Tzedakah - The numerical value of Resh is 200 and the gematria of the word Tzedakah is 200**. So ''Tzohar Taseh LaTayvah'' - Hashem was telling Noach that Teshuva, Tefilla, and Tzedakah are all that are needed to overcome the Gezarah cf the Mabul.

2. "MiPnei lYlay HaMabul" (Perek Zay, Pasuk Zayin) The Pasuk tells us that Noach, his sons, his wife and his son's wives entered the teveh before the waters came. Why does the Torah find it necessary to tell us something so obvious, of course they went into the tevah before the waters came. Rashi explains that Noach was from "Kutnei Emunah", people of little faith. He didn't believe the Mabul would come until the water actually came to his knees. This Rashi is difficult to understand. I\loach was a Gadol a leader of his generation, how can it be that he had very little faith He wasn't a man of little faith. If you read the words of Rash' just a little differently the meaning is completely different "Af Noach B'kutnei Emunah Haya Mamin", Noach believed in those people who had very little faith. He believed they would do teshuva. "'V'eino Mamin Shyevo HaMabul" and he didn't believe the Mabul would come. Hashem had already said that if they did teshuva the waters would become "Mayim Shel Bracha", water of F'racha. That is why Noach did not go into the tevah until the waters came, because he was waiting for the people of his generation to do Teshuva.

*please see your Chumash to verity

**Tzeddlk = 90. Daled = 4 Kuf = 100 Hey = 5, plus the word itself = 1 = 200

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