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D''vrei Mordechai

by Reb Mordechai Rosen z"l
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What does Hashem Elokecha ask from you, but to fear Hashem Elokecha and to walk in His ways? (Devorim, Perek Yud, Pasuk Yud Gimmel)

Parshas Ki SayZay

The following vort was repeated by the D'vrei Mordechai for Elul 1988. This vort has been said in the name of the Bnei Yisschar and the Vilna Gaon.

In the Selichos for Rosh Hashanah we ask Hashem to forgive us for our transgressions for they are many. The words we use are Ki Rav Hu. The question is asked, why do we use the word rav- many - it sounds like bragging. Why don't we say they are few, why they are many.

There is a disagreement in the Gemara between Rav and Shmuel. A person comes before Bais Din and confesses to a sin, later witnesses come and testify to what he did wrong - does the fact that he confessed help him, does it absolve him at all. Shmuel says no - the fact that he confessed doesn't absolve him in any way. But Rav says yes - his confession absolves him.

In Selichos we confess our sins - we say Ki Rav Hu - they are many. Then on Rosh Hashanah, the Sotan comes with his witnesses and begins to testify against us - but Ki Rav Hu - we follow the psak of Rav who says we are absolved if we confessed. We use the word rav to remind the Ribbono Shel Olam that we follow the psak of Rav.

In the zechos of these confessions may be all be zocheh to a year filled with all the good things we ask for ourselves.

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