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by Dr. Avigdor Bonchek


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Simchas Torah
Parashas V'Zos HaBracha

Deut. 34:5

And Moses, the servant of Hashem , died there in the land of Moab by the word of Hashem.

Rashi comments:

By the word of Hashem: Rashi: With a kiss.

Can you see on what basis Rashi makes his comment that Moses died by a kiss of G-d ?

Your Answer:

Understanding Rashi

An Answer: The Torah's Hebrew has the words "al pi Hashem." This means literally "by the mouth of G-d." Since this is an unusual phrase in this context, Rashi interprets these words to mean "by a kiss."

A P'shat Interpretation

The simple meaning of these words is "according to G-d." But what can that mean here - that Moses died 'according to G-d.' But isn't it so that everyone who dies, dies "according to G-d." As you read the verse, can you make sense of this phrase?

Your Answer:

A P'shat Understanding

An Answer: The verse says: Moses died …in the land of Moab, by the word of G-d." Moses died in Moab, and not in the land of Israel, as he had longed for. So his dying in Moab was by the word of G-d. This would seem to be the simple meaning of these words.

Shabbat Shalom & Chag Somayach

Avigdor Bonchek

These Rashi analyses are a production of the Institute for the Study of Rashi and Early Torah Commentaries.

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