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by Dr. Avigdor Bonchek


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Parashas Truma(72)

Exodus 25:2

Speak to the Children of Israel that they should take for me an offering from every man whose heart impels him, you shall my offering.


The last part of Rashi's comment on this verse.

Take for Me an offering: Rashi:.Thirteen items which are mentioned in the matter are all needed for work of the Mishkan or for the clothes of the Priests, [as you will see] if you look closely in the matter.

What would you ask on this comment?

Your Question:


A Question: Rashi says there are items mentioned here. If you count them you'll find 15!

How can we understand this?

Hint: Look carefully at Rashi's words.

Your Answer:


An Answer: Many answers have been suggested to this question. The simplest would seem to be that Rashi says 13 items were used for the building of the Mishkan and the clothing of the Priests.

Do you see which items were NOT used for either of these purposes?

Your Answer:

Answer: Of course, the oil for the light and spices for anointing (see verse 6) were not used for these purposes. So we are left with 13 out of the 15 items mentioned. Just as Rashi has said! And note Rashi says "Thirteen items mentioned in the matter " he does not say "THE thirteen items". He is precise with his words.

Shabbat Shalom
Avigdor Bonchek

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