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by Dr. Avigdor Bonchek


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Parashas Miketz (5762)

Rashi makes us aware that we hadn't fully understood the Torah verse. But first we must understand Rashi!

Genesis 42:23


For the interpreter was between them: RASHI: For when they had spoken to him there was an interpreter between them who knew both the Hebrew and the Egyptian languages. He interpreted their words to Joseph and Joseph's words to them. Consequently they were under the impression that Joseph did not understand the Hebrew language.

What is your question on Rashi?


A Question:

Rashi seems to be telling us what the Hebrew word “ mailitz” (interpreter) means. He certainly could have told us that in much less words. Why is he belaboring the point? What is bothering him?


Read the Torah sentence again and ask yourself what it says.

“And they did not know that Joseph understood, because the interpreter was between them.”

What question would you ask on this verse? Does that make sense to you?


Your Answer:

An Answer:

Of course it doesn't make sense! Because the interpreter was between them, they didn't think that Joseph understood? Quite the contrary, only because the translator was between them, could Joseph understand what they were saying.

Now look at Rashi's comment and see how he explains away this question. Do you understand?

Your Answer:


An Answer:

By the addition of a word or two, Rashi solves the problem. Rashi says; "When they had spoken to him there was a translator between them." Rashi conveniently puts the verse in the past tense. Meaning that since in their previous conversations with Joseph, the translator had been present, they assumed that he didn't understand Hebrew. But now the translator wasn't present (for they weren't speaking to Joseph) so they could freely speak among themselves.

In his effortless manner, Rashi points out the correct meaning of the verse.

Shabbat Shalom
Avigdor Bonchek

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