Project It Will Be All Right

Public Seders (order of the service for the night of Passover) conducted in the hospital departments.

Distribution of Seder sets - seder plate, wine, round matzot, haggadot (the book for following the service) and head coverings to all the country's hospitals.

Many of the hospitals send their patients home for the Passover holiday.  Some of these families are financially stable and can receive their relatives graciously.  Unfortunately, many others lack the means to provide a proper welcome.  The social services runs a thorough investigation of these particular situations and have informed us that there are 450 families that need all their Passover needs provided for.

Zimra will provide these 450 needy families with all their Passover provisions, bringing happiness and hope into their homes.

Packages contain fruits, vegetables, wine, oil, chicken, fish, canned goods and other necessary staples.  The packages are delivered directly to the homes of the families in every corner of the country.

Tremendous thanks are due to a talented and dedicated individual, Chaim Eisenstadt, who gives of his time and energy to coordinate  and raise funds  for this program.