Purim Campaign

With Purim right around the corner, you can already feel the holiday's unmistakable joy in the air.
In Israel, for example, stands with decorative baskets and ribbons line the sidewalks, and Purim costumes glitter from shop windows. The scent of freshly baked hamantaschen wafts through the streets.

Not everyone, however, can experience the joy inherent in this special holiday. Take the country's 100,000 mental health patients for example. How many of them will receive mishloach manos, see children in costume, or ever hear a holiday tune?
Years ago, very few did. But then Zimra launched its annual Purim campaign.
Under the program, in the days leading up to the holiday, and on Purim itself, organization volunteers give holiday concerts in mental-health facilities, visit patients and deliver thousands of mishloach manos.

For the last several years, Zimra has brought the spirit of Purim to thousands of mentally ill patients. But there are still dozens more whom Zimra can't reach because it needs additional volunteers and funding.

This year Zimra has set a new goal for its Purim campaign: to deliver 10,000 mishloach manos, as well as to significantly increase the number of concerts and visits it makes to mental health patients.
To reach this goal, Zimra needs your help.
If you'd like to visit mental health patients or deliver mishloach manos, call us at 02-537-0052 to volunteer.

You can also help by making a financial donation. Just return to the home page and click on the How You Can Help icon.
With the support of people like you, this year thousands more mentally ill patients will have the opportunity to experience the real joy of Purim.