Welcome to my site. I hope it has interested you enough to want to go further in developing skills in this ‘style of talking’ - and thinking. I have developed a series of focused workshops on the subject. They are built on the use of lectures, tapes, written material, and role playing. I have given them in Europe, USA, and Israel to a wide variety of groups - religious, non - religious, Jewish and non - Jewish, advanced and beginners.

The variety of learning opportunities vary from single lectures on two hours to full four day workshops. They are constructed to answer the needs of particular institutions or groups of workers depending on their clinical experience and\or role definitions.

These workshops are also appropriate for ‘non - professional’ populations: parents, friends, and concerned others. They too want to talk in a style that is loyal to religious law and conducive to rapid meaningful change.

Interested individuals or institutions can contact me at




New groups in Jerusalem (English) and Haifa

(Hebrew) Both are beginners Group - 56 hours

theory and practice


Advanced Groups - Supervision Jerusalem


Benei Brak - clinical supervision


New York, USA, Tevet - January 1998

Los Angeles, USA, Tevet - January 1998

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