Project Revenwenation Tape Library

by Rabbi Yaakov Shapiro

#1 - Understanding the Problem
Why is it so much harder to bring up children nowadays? An analysis of the obstacles we face in bringing up Bnei Torah in today’s society.

#2 - Imparting Self-Esteem
How to impart self-esteem according to Daas Torah, while avoiding the pitfall of gaavah.

#3 - Setting the Example

Teaching by example is more important than words. Learn where even well-meaning parents need to watch themselves against the “Do as I say and not as I do” pitfall and how to avoid it.

#4 - Tools to Assist Parents

Powerful tips for parents to enhance their ability to bring out their child’s full potential.

#5 - Role Models

How to get your children to find and use positive role models, including our gedolei hador.

#6 - Make Them Feel Special

If you succeed in making your child feel special - and all children are, in their own way -he will be special! How to cut through every child’s social and emotional obstacles to realizing his own potential.

#7 - Win/Win Parenting

How to become your child’s “coach” - you are in charge, but both of you are on the same “team.” A potent technique for getting compliance.

#8 - Coping With the System, I

A Yeshiva is no longer a luxury for our children - it is a life-sustaining necessity. Learn how to use the “system” to your advantage, and how to prevent your child from “falling through the cracks.”

#9 - Know What to Answer

The right responses to our teenagers’ most difficult, and most common, hashkafah questions.

#10 - A Strange New World

To deal with your teenager, you have to first understand him! How adolescent “culture” works - their values, their language, their way of thinking. Learn the one thing you must always do before you give a teenager mussar.

#11 - Coping With The System II

Why are there so many rebellious teenagers among us? Why doesn't our Yeshiva system prevent them from “dropping out?” Understanding our society’s problems in light of R. Yisroel Salanter’s insight into the generation of ikvasah d’meshichah.

#12 - Behavior Modification

The most effective way to change a child’s midos is to look at him the way you wish he was. How to apply the principle of kamayim ponim el ponim to everyday life.

#13 - Making Torah Sweet

How to make your child appreciate and love Torah learning.

#14 - Controlling Your Feelings

The Torah disagrees with those modernists who claim you “cannot control your feelings.” Learn the key to your, and your child’s, emotions.

#15 - Know Where You Stand

Learning how to accurately gauge your teenager's progress. Learn to differentiate between real "rebelliousness" and plain "teenage trouble."

#16 - Making the Right Moves

Strategy training for parents: saying the right thing at the right time; when to "put your foot down" and when to "turn the other cheek."

#17 - Dealing With Feelings

Torah strategies to teach your children for changing frustration to comfort, anger to love, negative feelings to positive ones.

#18 - No Pain No Gain

Teaching children that an "easy" life is not the same as a "happy" one. Identifying the most prevalent misconception teenagers have about life and how to correct it.

#19 - Forsaking the Rat Race

“Success” is defined according to each individual’s personality and potential, yet we often measure our child’s achievement with a “keeping up with the Joneses” mentality. How to get yourself and your child out of the “rat race” and pave the way for real success and happiness.

#20 - Distorted Value Systems

In order to impart values to your teenager, you must learn where your system of values collides with his. Understanding which rules of conduct teenagers are most likely to accept, why, and how to change that.

#21 - Stand Your Ground

If you are afraid to enforce the rules of your home for fear of "losing" your teenager, this tape is a must!

#22 - Clarity and Confusion

Confusion is the teenager's worst enemy. How to enlighten the perplexed adolescent.

#23 - Setting the Example II

More on how to avoid the "Do As I Say But Not As I Do" syndrome that infects so many homes.

#24 - Beware the Negative Influence

Being aware of the spiritual dangers awaiting those who are involved in kiruv. Halachic guidelines and practical advice for those who must deal with wayward youth.

#25 - Negating Negative Peers

One of the most aggravating difficulties with raising teenagers is the “bad friend.” How to teach your children to recognize and deal with bad influences, and how you as a parent can protect your child from the negative friends he may already have.

#26 - The Art of Criticism

How to criticize teenagers and still retain their trust and friendship. Using “team building skills” to get your message across.

#27 - Craving Attention

Recognizing the need for attention and quality time in teenagers, proper ways to give attention, and how to use attention-giving to have a positive influence on a teenager.

#28 - Communication Skills

Communicating with teenagers can sometimes be frustrating. Learn to acquire one of the most important and effective tools for successful parenting.

#29 - Failure Begets Failure

Children who experience failure become “programmed” to fail. When a child goes from school to school, or from one method of intervention to another only to meet with disappointment, successful intervention becomes more difficult. How to avoid this common complication.

#30 - Teaching Self Discipline

For a child to successfully survive adolescence, “feeling good” is not enough - he must learn self-discipline. How society often ignores the development of this important trait, and what you can do to instill it within your teenager.