A Letter From A Gadol

Dear Friends,

I am writing this letter on behalf of an outstanding organization, Project: ReJewvenation, headed by Rabbi Yaakov Shapiro.

The influence of culture alien to a Torah way of life has wreaked havoc within the Jewish community, attacking religious as well as non-religious homes. As a result, too many children feel lost and are looking for meaning in life and a warm human relationship. They are turning to sects or running away from home. Project: ReJewvenation is the organization that addresses these problems. They provide a warm, secure, atmosphere based upon a Torah ideology. They offer the emotional, psychological, and physical support necessary to reunite families and elevate them to new spiritual levels inherent in a Torah life.

Assimilation, alienation, drugs, and the like are eating away at the Jewish people at an alarming rate. We have the opportunity of stemming the tide of corruption that is so pervasive. Rabbi Shapiro and his organization must be assisted in their magnificent work. They will be approaching you soon. Can we allow this opportunity to go by without a generous response?

May Hashem grant that we should see all Jewish families develop in a wholesome manner under the banner of our Torah.

Rav Avrohom Pam