Multimedia Teacher Training Online

If you would like to learn how to create multimedia lessons you can now do so on line. These lessons are given live for four students at a time. Each aspect of creating these lessons will be introduced one step at a time. The students can then repeat what they have learned. These lessons can be given at your convience in the comfort of your own home.

What will you learn:
The students will see many different type of multimedia interactive activities to help their students master what they have been taught in a creative and fun way. The students will be able to begin creating their own lessons.

Topics shown
Teaching Rashi Letters

Several ways of useing these lessons:

  1. Lessons that can be used in the back of the classroom with one computer
    Lessons can be developed to be used with a projecter connected to a computer
    Lessons that can be sent home
    Lessons that can be created by the students themselves.
    Extra curricular lessons
    Remedial lessons

Beginners course will be a series of three lessons. The student must register for all three lessons.
Cost of course $225 (It is preferable if you have powerpoint on your computer)


Downloadable Library
we would like to create a library from both my lessons and from those students who send in their lessons which they create.

For a free demo E mail Yitzchok Pollack