Rabbi Yitzchok Pollack


A veteran Fifth grade Rebbe in Yeshiva Gedola Merkaz Hatorah Tiferes Mordechai of Montreal, Rabbi Pollack has taught Gemarah for eighteen years. A close Talmid of Horav Mordechai Weinberg Ztl, Rabbi Pollack was one of the original group of bochurim to accompany Rabbi Weinberg to Montreal to establish the Yeshiva where he learned in both Bais hamedrash and Kollel. He has been on the cutting edge of computer technology and its many uses in the classroom. His innovations in the teaching of Hascholas Gemarah have resulted in a proliferation of original worksheets and workbooks which are currently being used by many different Yeshivos around the world. Rabbi Pollack was one of the Rebbeim chosen to be videoed by Torah Umesorah's Ba'er Hetev teacher training video on hascholas Gemarah. He also has been working for the Ba'er Hetev program researching computer software for Torah Umesorah. Rabbi Pollack began to explore ways of creating multimedia lessons which can be utilized both in the classroom and at home. He has also taught his students to help create weekly multimedia exercises on Parshas Hashevua and on Gemara milim.