On Perek Elu Metzios

Originator of the "Step by step approach"

1. 120 pages of linear translation in unedited edition. When edited, a new copy will be sent.

2. A copy of regular text will be included. No purchase of any other Gemarah will be necessary.

3. Milim sheets on each amud gemarah

4. 73 pages of steps (explanation of gemarah)

5. 500 milim flash cards

6. Classroom chart for milim achievers. To be filled in for students who know each segment of the milim program.

8. card for Shakla Vetarya program

Samples of the entire program will be displayed in the learning pavilion


This program is to be used by the Rebbe only in your Yeshiva. If the Rebbe leaves the school, he may not use the program unless the new school purchases their own program. The School can make as many copies as they want for their students only and may ask for payment from students.

Special on line offer $250

"Milim Master" Flashcard program can be purchased separately for $50.00



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