How to use the program

The program comes with easy-to-use flash cards that can be used to test the students. (the flashcards come in a binder) Go up and down the rows and have each student correctly read and translate their word. If they are correct they sit somewhere else. If not they remain in their seats. After all the students have got one word, go up and down the students sitting in the other place and have them get more words. If they are correct they remain where they are. If not they return to their seats. Continue until there is only one person left or until you wish to stop.
Reward that or those student(s).
Another way to use the flash cards is to cut them and post them on the wall. Use a yardstick or laser pointer to point to a word and ask a student to read it and translate it.

These words are also available as a powerpoint presentation. The words can be set to run by themselves or can advance on a mouse click. These words are also available as a game on gametime from Davka.