Bear Hetev program is a program of Torah Umesorah working on ways to develop and train our present and future Rebbeim and Principals.

With this in mind we are working on the following areas.

Ais Dos Teacher training Program

This program is currently being run from Lakewood New Jersey. Training yungerleit to enter the chinuch field.

Principal training program
There are several confrences and training session each year.

Curriculum development program
We are currently working out of our Monsey office. We have a team of educaters developing a chumash program as well as a hascholas Gemorah program. These programs are currently being used in many Yeshivos as a pilot project.

These programs are being run by Rabbi Dovid Bernstein author of several workbooks on chumash.

Software reviews
Aleph Bais school house 1, 2, 3,
Ready for Rashi
Talmud Tutor Plus
Master Daf
Talmud Master
The Bais Hamikdash
The Mishkan (not completed)
Davka Writer (not completed)
Hebrew Gamtime (not completed)

Will be coming soon

Ideas on how to impliment a computer curriculum in the classroom and what programs to use. We would like you to enter your ideas in our guest book and we will include your ideas as well.

Anyone wanting to donate funds towards this project please contact